The 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683

Are you a long distance driver who loves the winding roads that take you further into obscurity or you are a fearless city driver who just loves his daily ride from home to work and back? Either ways you might get lost in the wilderness or the city traffic. What next? You would require an alternative route – road that will lead you closer to your destination. Where will you find it? You will find it if you have a 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 installed on your vehicle. All you have to do is click for an alternative route and the TFT screen will show you where to go. It will show you roads through wilderness or back country and in places you never thought roads would exist. It will show you a clear path away from the blazing horns, the traffic and the mad rush and take you to office. You would be surprised how much of your city roads the Automotive GPS B683 knows.TheĀ 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 is a powerful GPS system that is guided by the Global navigation Satellite System or the GNSS. Also known as the NAVSTAR GPS, it is managed and controlled by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. The B683 is GPS system that works in-sync with the GPS satellite in space. This is an advanced GPS system that is preloaded with maps and it can even guide you through traffic and dirt roads with the help of a voice guided system.Yes! This is a smart, neat, and compact package that will ensure that you make all the right turns whenever you are on the driver’s seat. Thanks to the B683, you don’t have to carry the large paper maps, which are at times dangerous to work with especially when you are driving. The 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 will neatly settle on your dashboard and one look at it will tell you which turn to make or what is the immediate intersection? It has an easy-to-use touch screen interface and the highlight of the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system is the text-to-speech voice commands. You will be able to see a high resolution display with 2D or 3D animations. The B683 has some amazing features and guess what? It is water resistant too!Features of the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system include:Display: 4.3” touch screen Digital TFT LCD
Resolution: 480*272 pixels
Brightness: 200
CPU: Centrality Atlas(TM)-III 372MHZ
O/S: WinCE.Net 5.0 Core
Memory: 64M (Can be expanded)
Audio Player: supports WMA, MP3, and WAV file format
Video Player: supports WMV, MPEG, AVI, ASF, and 3GP file format
Photo Viewer: supports JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG file format
E-book Reader: supports TXT file format
Bluetooth function (Optional): Hands-free calling with most Bluetooth-enabled phones
Dimensions: (L) 125mm X (H) 80mm X (W) 20mm
Weight: 220g
Language setting: More than 10 different languages can be set on the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system and they include English, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Hungarian, Russian, Israeli, Brazilian, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Slovenian among others.