The Facts – Why Medical Science Can’t Find a Cure For Cancer

Have you ever wondered why medical science can’t find that elusive cure for cancer despite looking for nearly 40 years? The search for that magic pill or chemical has been going on now since war was declared on cancer in 1971, when the President of America allocated funds to find a cure for the scourge that had exploded in the last few years. This was just 2 years after they had successfully put man on the moon, so solving the cancer problem didn’t seem insurmountable.Today after spending billions of dollars in research are we any closer to solving the problem? Our current treatments are still only the same surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and very little else. Surgery is essentially akin to pulling weeds out of a garden. It doesn’t deal with what caused the cancer to grow in the first place or addresses how to prevent it from growing again in the future. Radiation and chemotherapy, while they have refined them still only shrinks cancer and gives scant regard to the all important reason why the cancer arrived in the first place.   You realise of course the rewards for the person who finds a cure and the enormous wealth it will bring. With cancer deaths at around 6 and half million people per year worldwide and climbing, there is a huge potential. So why haven’t they found a cure or at least made some headway into solving our cancer epidemic? Because they are all looking in the wrong place, there isn’t a cure for cancer where they are looking. Cancer cannot be cured by a drug or a chemical, it’s impossible. Two hundred years ago we had a similar problem with scurvy where thousands of seamen died. We know today that it was a vitamin C deficiency which caused scurvy and the only way to correct that was to eat foods that contain the missing vitamin. Berri Berri was another, a disease of the nervous system and was potentially fatal and was found to be caused by a lack of vitamin B1 in the diet so the only way to cure that was also naturally. Cancer is exactly the same, it’s caused by a weak immune system, which is the human bodies natural defense system and has been weaken by the way we live. We don’t have drugs to boost the immune system so the only way to cure the cancer problem successfully is a natural way and that is to eat the foods that boost the immune system and remove from your lifestyle factors that weaken the immune system.   *  Immune building food is all the freshly grown fruit and vegetables, especially organic that allow the natural forces within our body to fight the cancer and slowly remove it.*   Foods that destroy the immune system are all processed foods and the food that contain a high proportion of fat, salt or refined sugar.*    Factors that enhance the immune system are happiness, adequate rest and sleep, fresh air, sunshine, moderate exercise and most importantly a positive attitude towards life.*   Immune breakers are constant worry, mental and physical trauma, low self esteem, chemicals including chlorine, fluoride and pesticides, smoking and all drugs, recreational and medicinal, especially chemotherapy. The solution to our cancer problem is to abandon our faith in modern medicine, which for all its science is still only a helpless bystander when it comes to curing cancer and to address the underlying cause of the problem which is mainly our addiction to the foods that stimulate, but do nothing towards nourishing the human body. I’m aware that our current treatment of cancer today reflects the way we live whereby we don’t want to take time out to be sick and to just rid the body of this unwanted growth as quickly as possible. Bizarre as it may seem that’s just what surgery, radiation and chemotherapy do and they are quite good at that to some degree but there are many people, especially young people being diagnosed with cancer today who desperately want to live and want a permanent solution to the problem, and that is not, and has never been addressed by our mainstream medical system.

Rattan Garden Furniture – For a Stylish Look at an Affordable Price

Rattan garden furniture is one of the trendiest collections of furniture today. Rattan is a palm wood found in Africa and Australia. The wood resembles a long vine, extending up to hundreds of meters. When heated, it attains flexibility and can be then designed by weaver technique. When the material cools, it hardens and is then perfect for making furniture sets.Garden furniture made from this material exudes a certain charm and finesse. They are crack-proof and do not spoil easily. You can make your patio, conservatory, or garden appear sophisticated and chic with this furniture. Because of the resistance, durability, and portable nature of this material, furniture made from it is becoming the favorite of people who like to live in style.Rattan is not new. This material has been utilized for centuries. Today, you can easily get rattan garden furniture in its organic as well as synthetic form. The synthetic form contains vinyl that makes the sets water-proof and easy to clean. However, because of the “green” fever gripping the world, people prefer to use organic furniture that contains natural fibers.Popular rattan SetsFor indoor purposes, the popular furniture pieces in rattan include chairs, sofa, rocking chair, and loveseat. For outdoor furniture, the popular pieces include chairs, dining sets, armchairs, and bench sets. The art of arranging furniture plays an important role in giving your patio, garden, or room an elegant look.PrecautionRattan garden furniture cannot withstand extremely harsh weather conditions such as storms, hails, snow, and rain. It’s best to move your outdoor pieces inside in case of extreme weather. This is particularly important for organic sets, as the organic fibers might rip and bend when exposed to rain. This can damage your furniture or make it susceptible to early wear and tear.Care and MaintenanceIt’s easy to keep your rattan furniture sets clean. A gentle wipe with a mild soap solution and a little weak bleach is enough to keep your furniture as good as new. You can use a soft brush to clean the area between the weaves and to give your furniture a clean shine.Natural wicker rattan garden furniture made from organic fibers needs extra care. Although the furniture has a finish that protects it, exposure to sunlight for a long time can fade the color of weaves. Also, rattan is a natural fibrous material, so it does not go well with dampness. Over time, it might lead to the growth of mould. The best thing to do is use organic rattan for conservatory furniture, rather than arranging it outdoors, totally exposed to weather. If you really wish to have some organic pieces placed in the garden, use covers or cushions on it. You can also use it during the dry days.In short, the more you care for your rattan garden furniture, whether synthetic or organic, the better it will serve you. Moreover, you get true value of money by having a long lasting furniture set that remains in top condition, shine and all, for years. To choose the best furniture for your home or garden, log online and get a wide collection of rattan sets in mesmerizing shades such as Prussian bronze, classic black, and more.

Health Insurance Benefits – What to Focus on When Choosing a Healthplan

In this economy, many people have lost their jobs or are in fear of losing them. Retirement savings are down and no one seems to know when the economy will turn around. In times like these we must pay close attention to how every dollar is spent. If you’ve lost your California health insurance or otherwise need to get health insurance, it’s more important than ever to get the coverage you need to protect your family’s finances without paying for coverage you don’t need.PPO, HMO, HSA…with so many California health insurance plans to choose from, how do you know which health plan is right for you? With hundreds of health plans available in California, it can be difficult to decide which health plan is best for you and your family.It’s important to compare premium quotes from different health plans, but what benefits do you get for your monthly premium? Look beyond just the quoted premium of a health plan and consider what benefits in a health insurance plan are most important to you.Focusing on the benefits you need most is the first step in finding a health insurance plan that not only offers the protection you need, but is affordable as well. The health plan with the lowest premium may not give you the financial protection you need if you get sick, have an accident or otherwise need to seek medical attention. A comprehensive health plan that covers a wide range of services and benefits may cost more in premium, but could actually save you money over a basic or “catastrophic” plan on the other end of the spectrum where you would pay a much larger share of the costs when you receive medical care.Here are some tips to help you narrow down the list of California health insurance plans when deciding which plan will be the best fit. Start by deciding which type of benefits are most important to you. What benefits have you used most in the past? How much of the medical expenses could you reasonably pay yourself if you have a major medical event? Use the following list to focus on the most important benefits. Then you can compare the plans with the benefits that best fit your needs.o PPO or HMO plano maternity benefitso deductible amounto copayment (copay)o coinsurance amounto out of pocket maximumo prescription drug coverage (generic + brand name benefits or generic-only)o preventive care serviceso health savings account (HSA) compatible health planPPO – Is it important to you that your plan offer a large network of participating doctors and hospitals? Do you want to be able to see a specialist without having to obtain a referral from your primary doctor? Preferred Provider Plans (PPO) offer the largest networks of participating doctors and hospitals. With a PPO you also have the option of getting medical care outside of your PPO network, although you will usually pay more if you receive care from a provider that is not in your network.HMO – Another option is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Although not as popular as PPO health plans, many people prefer them due to their simplicity. You can obtain most services for a low copayment and usually no coinsurance requirement. The tradeoff with an HMO is you must stay in network to receive covered medical services. HMO networks are normally smaller than PPO networks and generally a referral is required from your primary care doctor to see a specialist.Maternity Benefits – While the cost of California health insurance plans vary widely, and it’s important to choose a health plan that has the benefits you need, you may be able to save money by choosing a plan without certain benefits. If maternity benefits are not important to you, look for a health plan without maternity benefits. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars annually on your health insurance plan.Deductible Amount – Except for services where you are only responsible for a copayment, the deductible is the amount you pay before the insurance plan pays anything. If you’re willing to pay more of the upfront costs when you need medical care, choosing a higher deductible can help keep your insurance premiums lower.Copayment (Copay) – The copay is a flat fee you pay at the time of service. After paying the copayment, the plan usually pays 100 percent of the balance of covered services. Some health insurance plans allow you to visit the doctor’s office for a low copay without having to meet your annual insurance deductible.Coinsurance – In addition to the deductible, when comparing health insurance plans, pay attention to what coinsurance amount you will be responsible for after your deductible is met. Coinsurance is the percentage of the charges you are responsible to pay for covered medical services apart from any copays or your deductible.Out of Pocket Maximum – The out of pocket maximum is the maximum amount per year you’ll have to pay for covered medical services. After reaching your out of pocket maximum, your health insurance plan pays for any additional covered medical expenses up to the plan’s lifetime benefit amount.Prescription Drug Coverage – When it comes to prescription drug coverage, some health insurance plans keep the premiums lower by covering only generic prescription drugs. Keep in mind that while there are many generic prescription drugs available, not every prescription drug is available in generic form.Preventive Care Services – In order to encourage healthy lifestyle habits and thereby reduce future medical expenses, many health insurance plans offer low or no copayments or other financial incentives for preventive care services such as physical exams, immunizations, annual gynecological exams,mammograms, prostate exams and cancer screenings.Health Savings Account (HSA) – Are you interested in a health plan that will help you save money on your tax bill? Consider a Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible health plan. A Health Savings Account (HSA) combines high deductible health insurance with a tax-advantaged medical savings account. Withdrawals that are used to pay for qualified medical expenses, including your insurance deductible, coinsurance and co-payments are federally tax-free.By focusing on these nine plan benefits when shopping for health insurance, you can find a plan that fits your healthcare needs and your pocketbook.

The 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683

Are you a long distance driver who loves the winding roads that take you further into obscurity or you are a fearless city driver who just loves his daily ride from home to work and back? Either ways you might get lost in the wilderness or the city traffic. What next? You would require an alternative route – road that will lead you closer to your destination. Where will you find it? You will find it if you have a 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 installed on your vehicle. All you have to do is click for an alternative route and the TFT screen will show you where to go. It will show you roads through wilderness or back country and in places you never thought roads would exist. It will show you a clear path away from the blazing horns, the traffic and the mad rush and take you to office. You would be surprised how much of your city roads the Automotive GPS B683 knows.The 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 is a powerful GPS system that is guided by the Global navigation Satellite System or the GNSS. Also known as the NAVSTAR GPS, it is managed and controlled by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. The B683 is GPS system that works in-sync with the GPS satellite in space. This is an advanced GPS system that is preloaded with maps and it can even guide you through traffic and dirt roads with the help of a voice guided system.Yes! This is a smart, neat, and compact package that will ensure that you make all the right turns whenever you are on the driver’s seat. Thanks to the B683, you don’t have to carry the large paper maps, which are at times dangerous to work with especially when you are driving. The 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 will neatly settle on your dashboard and one look at it will tell you which turn to make or what is the immediate intersection? It has an easy-to-use touch screen interface and the highlight of the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system is the text-to-speech voice commands. You will be able to see a high resolution display with 2D or 3D animations. The B683 has some amazing features and guess what? It is water resistant too!Features of the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system include:Display: 4.3” touch screen Digital TFT LCD
Resolution: 480*272 pixels
Brightness: 200
CPU: Centrality Atlas(TM)-III 372MHZ
O/S: WinCE.Net 5.0 Core
Memory: 64M (Can be expanded)
Audio Player: supports WMA, MP3, and WAV file format
Video Player: supports WMV, MPEG, AVI, ASF, and 3GP file format
Photo Viewer: supports JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG file format
E-book Reader: supports TXT file format
Bluetooth function (Optional): Hands-free calling with most Bluetooth-enabled phones
Dimensions: (L) 125mm X (H) 80mm X (W) 20mm
Weight: 220g
Language setting: More than 10 different languages can be set on the 4.3″ Automotive GPS B683 system and they include English, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Hungarian, Russian, Israeli, Brazilian, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Slovenian among others.